Puppy Minder Pro Software

Having Problems Keeping Track of Your Puppy’s Health, Training, Diet and other Vital Information ?
What is there was an emergency?
What if you dog was lost?  
What if you had to unexpectedly leave
your dog for someone to look after?
Do you have instant access to your dogs records, food requirements, allergies, photographs and other important information?

Let me share a story about a friend of mine, Mary, who was recently
involved in a motor vehicle accident. Her lifelong, four legged
friend, “Max” was in the car at the time of the accident.
Mary received injuries that were quite severe and the
paramedics rushed her to hospital for emergency treatment.

Fortunately, Max survived and whilst a little shaken with the ordeal,
he luckily escaped with little more than a fractured leg.

Mary, on the other hand was hospitalised for over a week,
and for the entire time her only concern was for Max.

There was no-one else who knew what Max ate, the problem
he had with his allergy, the medication he was on
and what his feeding schedule was.

Even worse, there was nobody who even knew which
veterinary clinic to take him to to fix his fracture.

If only Mary knew about PuppyMinderPro

How important are your pets and their health to you? When was your pet last seen by the veterinarian? When is it due to get her shots? 

Puppy Minder Pro allows you to track your pet’s health and maintain complete records of vaccinations, medications, supplements, allergies, conditions, treatments, procedures, insurance,  care guides, documents, diet and exercise, veterinarian examinations, emergency contacts and so on.

You can add profiles containing pet identification data: breed, color, height, weight, identifying marks, and license numbers,
that can help you to find a pet if it’s lost.

Maintaining all this information in one place makes it easier to keep track of changes in your pet’s health, and when you go out of town,
you can print out all the important health

and contact information to give to the pet sitter.  

With Puppy Minder Pro, you can always have up-to-date information regarding vital information about your family’s pets. Now you’ll be able to give a printed copy of critical information about everything from diet to health requirements to people who are responsible for him when you’re not present.


Here’s Everything You’ll Get…

You’ll have instant access to important information
to give your groomer or boarder.

Vital information will always be at your fingertips such as: vet’s name, number, address, vaccination dates, and medical information
about chronic and acute medical conditions.

Puppy Minder Pro also has the ability to track your progress with training sessions.

Puppy Minder Pro is the all-in-one place to store your pet’s health information and connect directly to your vet and other pet services

Make it fun to manage your pet’s health.

This is the ultimate organizer to keep track of your pets’ health and details.

Record pet names, birthdays, registrations, microchip, type/breed and so on. Track medications, allergies, immunizations, vet appointments.

There are no limits to the number of pets you may add.

Create a complete profile of each pet in your family, with photo, age, weight, medications, favorite toys and friends, fun notes, and anything else you wish to reference at any time.Keep track of your vet appointments, pet’s vaccinations and visit notes.Store your vet’s contact info for immediate access to call or email. No more hunting for business cards! Build a Pet Health Record.

Access your pet’s most precious information anytime.  

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