Module 4 Test Result



CONGRATULATIONS [wlm_firstname] !


You have successfully passed [WLQSC_Name] with a score of [WLQSC_Score] out of a possible [WLQSC_Perfect_Score] points.

A score of [WLQSC_Passing_Score] was required to pass this test.




With your pass score, you may now continue your course.




Oh No!

Oh Oh!
Ooops, you didn’t pass.

A score of [WLQSC_Passing_Score] was required to pass this test.

Due to strict external accreditation criteria, we are unable to display correct and incorrect answers if you failed a module test. However, once you have passed, all the correct answers will be available to view.


Please return to the module area to revisit the contents and when you are confident to proceed, you can take the test again.



If you have passed you will be able to view all the correct answers here…

Correct Answers for Module 5



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