Module 2 Test – Correct Answers


Question 1

Why is dog training important?

  • To get to know and learn how to handle a dog better
  • To have a dog that obeys commands
  • To own a dog that does not cause an inconvenience or endangerment to others
  • To be able to spend more time with the dog and to avoid bad habits that may mean having to leave the dog alone when you go out for fear of his behaviour being unruly
  • It increases the quality of life for both the dog and it’s master
  • All of the above


Question 2

Which of the following would be considered as good training strategies ?

  • Using motivation like treats, prizes and rewards
  • Smacking or yelling at the dog to make it perform an action
  • All of the above


Question 3

What is the reason that dogs are so easily trainable?

  • Because they are dumb
  • Because they get bored
  • Because of their desire to please their master


Question 4

Good behaviour needs to be rewarded and bad behaviour needs to be corrected. Pick ONE of the following that a dog would consider as a reward?

  • Giving him a smack
  • Giving the dog praise and attention
  • Giving the dog a pat
  • Scolding and yelling at the dog
  • Giving the dog a treat


Question 5

A popular tool helps the dog associate a sound with getting a reward.
Eventually the sound made can replace giving the dog too many treats.
What is this tool known as?

  • A Clacker
  • A Smacker
  • A Clicker
  • A Bat
  • A Ball


Question 6

When training a dog effectively, an understanding of dog psychology is very important.  Why?

  • Because we need to know when a dog is hungry
  • Because we need to understand how they communicate with other dogs
  • Because, as a trainer, we need to understand things from the dog’s point of view


Question 7

In a dog’s World, there are only TWO things that a dog is primarily concerned about. Select ONE of these two things?

  • Whether they are a leader of the pack
  • What time the next feed is
  • Where they can go to relieve themselves
  • Whether their role is a follower of the pack


Question 8

When a dog considers you, he primarily thinks of you as either a PACK LEADER or a PACK FOLLOWER.  Which of the following behaviours will the dog undertake if he thinks of you as the PACK LEADER?

  • He will wake you up of a morning
  • He will bark for your attention
  • He will walk by your side or slightly behind you at all times
  • He will growl or snarl when you try and take food from him at meal times
  • He will jump at you or visitors when they arrive at your house