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With the Tips and Secrets included in this amazing, interactive course we could successfully help you to train your puppy:

  • Imagine, no more embarrassing moments after you teach your dog not to jump up on people.
  • Learn why it’s important to know that your dog is not a mind reader.
  • You’ll discover the power of dog sign language and how it can easily make your dog the very best they can be.
  • Here there are also Dog Training Lessons that can literally save your dog’s life!
  • Know the best command to keep your dog safe.
  • There are tips to easily gain control of your dog and as a result they will be happier

And… inside there is so much more you’ll learn… 

So, no matter what breed of dog, from German Shepherd to a Pekingese, here is a fast, positive, easy-to-learn dog training and dog obedience course for caring people.

Who knows? You could be the next Dog Whisperer!


Hello Dog Lover,

Christine Murray-Dog Training Expert[sc_embed_player fileurl=""]

Wouldn’t it be great if all puppies and dogs arrived pre-programmed to instantly do whatever we ask and act like obedient little angels instead of… well… animals?

As crazy as that sounds, here’s something even crazier: expecting our furry four-legged friends to ignore their instincts and change their natural behaviour simply because it’s what we want them to do.

Think about that for a moment.

How realistic is it to expect a dog not to act like a dog?

Dogs naturally chew, bark, dig, run, slobber, poop, play—heck, sometimes they play in poop! They can be so… uncivilised! Fortunately, your dog is one smart puppy. He can be taught to overcome his “dogness.”

Your dog wants to learn

Every dog (even yours) is an eager and willing student. He is not only able to learn to stop doing what comes naturally and start adopting the strangest behaviours (from his perspective), he loves to learn these things. So why are so many dogs disobedient, destructive dummies who won’t behave?

Some are not only disobedient, they become downright aggressive.

It’s not the dog’s fault.

Dog training isn’t about your dog

Despite what other dog training books, videos, and experts may say,
It’s about you…….    

Welcome to










Is your beloved dog driving you crazy? 

Are there days you’re completely convinced that training is impossible?

Would you give anything to get that unruly puppy of yours completely trained?

Or, perhaps you have a brand new puppy ?


Here is the answer to your problems!

This course presents comprehensive information on a wide variety of dog training topics relevant to almost all dog and puppy owners.

Firstly, you are assured that it is possible to train your dog.

With the information presented in this course, you will learn everything you need to know in order to instil good behaviour and obedience in your dog.

If you’ve already tried to train your dog, and failed to some degree, don’t be disheartened.

With the correct dog training information it’s easy and everything you need to know is right here!

Here’s what people love most
about this course:

    • Membership is inexpensive.
    • There are no time limits…. you can take the lessons in your own time.
    • “Lifetime Membership” means you can return and revise any module at any time.
    • A fun, easy learning style.
    • You can network, share, exchange tips, ideas and photos among other puppy owners in the member forum.
    • Ongoing access to FREE information and bonus member downloads.
    • Fun Quizzes  to test your knowledge along the way.
    • You receive a “Certificate of Completion” upon successfully passing all the module tests.


Topics include:

  • Understanding dog psychology.
  • How to avoid the housebreaking pitfalls most dog owners make.
  • The quick and easy way to stop chewing, biting, and barking.
  • Exactly what equipment you’ll need to train your dog for optimal results.
  • Secrets to faster obedience training.
  • Invaluable breed advice.
  • A healthy diet and the best foods….and much, much more!

The Online Puppy Course is structured within the following easy-to-understand modules that you can complete at your own pace.

Click on the headings below to discover the learning outcomes you can look forward to in this course.

Each module provides new and exciting ways that you can gain an understanding of building a better relationship with your dog and expertise in the areas of training, obedience, diet, nutrition and so much more.

There are hundreds of doggy tips and ideas for you to enjoy….

[wpspoiler name=”Module 1 – Introduction to training your puppy” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]
Family with new puppy

An introduction to the course and puppy training.

Here you’ll discover the vital steps necessary to set up a fun, caring and stress-free relationship with this very important, four-legged member of your family.

You’ll quickly learn the basics that count when it comes to establishing a harmonious relationship with your puppy.

When you have completed this lesson, you will have an overview of the basic, yet most important, considerations of establishing an effective training program.


[wpspoiler name=”Module 2 – Understanding dog psychology” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]

Before you can successfully train your dog, we need to understand how a dog’s brain ticks.

This lesson provides you with an understanding of a dogs basic instincts, the way they think and why they think that way.

You will discover how their brains do not work in the same way that human’s do.

You will also learn that their instincts are governed a particular way because dogs are Pack Creatures.  They are either leaders or followers.

In order for your dog to successfully live among humans, the humans must be their pack leader.



[wpspoiler name=”Module 3 – The importance of basic dog training” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]


Training is a way of helping your dog cope better with it’s immediate environment and a better life.

It provides every dog an easier life and also makes them easier to live with.

Correct training of your dog can also bring much joy and more opportunity to spend quality time with your pet, no matter where you are going and who you are going with.

A well behaved dog is the same as a well behaved child, especially when you are with other people. You may think it’s cute when your puppy delights on pouncing up on people, but try asking how impressed your friends are when they put mud on or pull a thread on their clothing.  A few easy steps, you could be forever proud of their perfect behaviour when socialising.


[wpspoiler name=”Module 4 – The right leash & collar for your dog” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]

Dog training is an art, and like any artist you must pick your tools carefully in order to properly train your dog.

Each dog is different, and thus you must be able to decide which collar is most appropriate for your dog based on its temperament, personality, and strength.

You’ll discover there are three main types of dog training collar and each one should be used appropriately to get the results you want without harming your dog.

A good leash and collar will be your training companion and an essential tool for a successful training programme.


[wpspoiler name=”Module 5 – Successful House/Toilet Training” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]

house trained dog

One of the most confusing and anxiety-ridden areas of dog training is house training. Yet it is one of the most important !

In this module, you’ll find out that the best way to understand and achieve success with house training is to use the dog’s own natural instincts to help you.

Dogs are, by their nature, very clean animals.  They would rather not soil any areas where they normally sleep or eat.  Dogs are also creatures of habit — they like to know where they’re supposed to go to urinate and defecate.


[wpspoiler name=”Module 6 – The Essential Commands Your Dog Must Know” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]

sitting dog

In this module you will get an excellent insight on how to implement simple techniques to quickly achieve responses to the most Essential Commands.

These important commands include:

Heel – it is important that any dog learn to walk beside its owner on a loose lead, neither pulling ahead nor lagging behind

Responding to the word “NO” – the word no is one word that all dogs must learn. Training your dog to respond to this important word can save you a ton of trouble.

Sit – Training your dog to sit on command is a vital part of any dog training program.

Stay – A well trained dog should remain where his or her owner commands, so stay is a very important command in dog training.

Down – Lying down on command is more than just a cute trick; it is a key component of any successful dog training program.


[wpspoiler name=”Module 7 – Effective Training TECHNIQUES” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]

dog obedience

Correct training methods will effectively teach your puppy to behave properly, both with their own species and with other people.

This isn’t always an easy task, so in this comprehensive, information packed module you’ll discover a wealth of valuable tips.                 .

You’ll get to understand the differences between rewarding your dog and reprimanding him.

You’ll find out exactly what constitutes positive and negative motivations for your dog and the consequences.

Discover how meal times can be the best time for training and the most effective techniques for them to learn.


[wpspoiler name=”Module 8 – Solving Bad Behaviour Problems” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]

Well behaved dogs

If you own a dog, you will have to do more than just feed them and give them toys to play with to stop problems from developing.

Just about every dog, no matter what breed, will have some bad habits and behaviours that you will have to break and get rid of.

In this module, you will learn about sending the right message by eliminating any behaviour that is deemed inappropriate and actions that can eventually cause you shame and embarrassment.

You will discover different ways to deal with each of the unacceptable behaviours that your dog may exhibit.


[wpspoiler name=”Module 9 – Overcoming Barking Problems” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]

barking dog

A barking dog has been cited as the most disruptive and stress inducing noise for humans.

Most dogs simply bark to communicate, to get attention, or simply to show their excitement.

Training and lifestyle, however, are important factors in teaching the dog how to communicate with its master and when barking is unacceptable.

This module will show you many different options to overcoming this potentially most annoying trait of any dog.


[wpspoiler name=”Module 10 – Biting, Chewing, Jumping and more problems” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]

dog digging

Biting, Whining, Licking, Chewing, Jumping on People, Chasing Cars, Inappropriate Urinating are all behaviours that we humans can do without.  

Just why do we like dogs again?

This module will prove invaluable as we take a look at these avoidable habits.

You will gain an thorough insight as to why your puppy may participate in these unsociable canine activities and explain how you can easily train your puppy otherwise.


[wpspoiler name=”Module 11 – Grooming Essentials” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]





For a dog owner, grooming is one of the most important ways to care for your pet.

If you do not spend time and pay attention to groom your dog regularly then he/she may become vulnerable to many types of nasty diseases and illnesses.

Here’s all the tips from brushing, clipping, nail trimming and more to ensure a sweet smelling, clean and importantly health puppy.


[wpspoiler name=”Module 12 – Your dog and a healthy diet” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]


A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your dog healthy. Learn what you should be feeding your dog at every stage of its life.

In this module, you will gain vital knowledge in order to ensure that your puppy’s health is maintained so that you’ll be sharing fun moments together for a very long time.

Here are some of the topics that you’ll find fascinating:

Dog Food Basics: Dry vs. Wet, Diet and Natural Foods
Everything you need to know to choose the right food for your dog.

How to Read Dog Food Labels
Experts explain what you should be looking for when shopping for dog food.

Tips for Feeding Your Adult Dog
How often, how much? What you need to know to keep your adult dog healthy and fit.

Should You Make Your Own Dog Food?
Experts weigh in on homemade dog food. Is it a healthy option for your dog?

Choosing the Best Dog Treats and Bones
Some treats are better than others. Learn what you should and shouldn’t give your dog.

Dog Vitamins and Supplements
Pet nutrition experts offer their take on supplements and vitamins for dogs.

Raw Food Diet: How It Works
Get the facts about raw food diets for dogs.

How Much Should Your Dog Drink?
Why adequate water is key to good health for your dog.

Dog Nutrition for a Healthier Coat
Nutrition tips to give your dog a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat
Surprising facts about foods that are dangerous for dogs.


[wpspoiler name=”BONUS MODULE – Your Puppy’s Health” style=”wpui-alma” closebtn=”close”]



After your family, nothing comes closer to stroking your heartstrings than our pets.

In this module, we are going to help you determine whether you have a healthy dog.

Your puppy can’t speak for himself and relies on you to be his eyes and ears for everything in his or her world.

That means everything from what is the best diet to reading the signs of illness.

Here, you will find answers to the questions that your pet isn’t able to ask.

Hopefully this will create a long and healthy life for your revered pet and an ongoing reference for ailments, symptoms and treatments. .



So, for a small investment of only $295 you can gain INSTANT access to a “Lifetime” of fun, health and happiness with your puppy through 100’s of tip’s and vital puppy training information.  If you really love your puppy and intend to have a long and happy life with it, your investment today in Puppy Course Membership.and your time to train him or her will reward you over and over again !.

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Learning how to successfully train your Puppy
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You will even receive a personalized
Certificate of Completion 

To test your knowledge along the way, there will be fun quizzes
at the completion of each learning module.

Upon successfully passing all the quizzes,
you’ll be awarded with your
Puppy Course Completion Certificate
to proudly show off your achievement.

There are so many reasons for you to join Puppy Course 

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Adopting A Dog 


adoptdog_cover_bDiscover The Secrets To Successfully Adopting A Dog!

You love dogs– and you want a dog! Many people feel exactly the way you do! This is certainly no surprise, because dogs are wonderful animals and they make excellent pets. A dog can bring lots of fun, friendship, and joy to your life! With this download you will discover….

1) Learning Everything You Need to Know About the Breed of Dog You Want Each breed is known to have unique characteristics–  this includes their personalities, their appearances, the amount of upkeep and maintenance they need, and health issues.  When you have all of the facts about the breed you are considering, it will be easy to determine if it is the right breed for you!

2) Enjoying Life With Your New Dog! When you know what to expect in advance, you will be prepared for your new dog when he arrives home.  Instead of worries, concerns, and surprises, you will find dog ownership to be one of the most delightful experiences in your life


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Dieting Your Dog 


Now is the best time to start thinking about your dogs’ diet

Here is what you will learn inside this guide….

1) Commercial dog food This book will show you what ingredients you need to look for in a dog food and what ingredients you should stay away from .  It will also help you decide what type of dog food be it soft, semi moist or dry dog food, be best for your dog.

2)  Hints for Common Problems This book will also show you how to handle your dog’s stomach issues and waste issues.   What to do if your dogs stomach is acting up and when and if you should call your vet.

  • When you should start a good diet for your dog
  • What is the raw food diet?
  • Does your dogs diet affect its waste?
  • What to look for in a good dog food and where to find them?
  • Why you should not give your dog table scraps
  • The debate on rawhides
  • What kind of diet your senior dog might need
  • How much extra food your pregnant dog really does need
  • Does your dog need vitamins
  • And most importantly, why your dog needs a good diet
  • And a lot more!


VALUED at $11.95 …
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Dog Obedience


Discover Proven Ways And Methods You Can Use To Get Your Dog To Change


Here is what you will learn inside this guide….

  • The importance of getting rid of your dog’s bad behaviours
  • Why biting should be stopped when your dog is still a puppy
  • How howling, whining and barking can be nerve wrecking and what you can do about it
  • What you can do about your dog’s chewing problems
  • Why your dog jumping on other people can pose a problem and what you can do about it

And much more! With the Dog Obedience guide (Train Your Dog Effectively to STOP Behavior Problems!), you as a dog owner will be able to do more for your dog in terms of getting them to do what you need them to do.

They need to learn to be obedient and do whatever you say, within reason. They need to understand that you are the dog owner and that they are to respect you as such. They need to get the message that disobedience will no longer be the norm in your household


VALUED at $17.95 …
It’s Yours FREE

The Dog Owners Handbook


Whatever your reasons are for owning a dog you will find everything you need to know to get started on the right foot. . .er’. . .paw with your new pet.

This is a MUST READ !

Here’s a sample of what’s inside:

  • Do you know what kind of dog you are looking for?
  • Select the right breed for your family.
  • How to find a reputable breeder.
  • Discover the perfect pet to suit you.
  • Should you go with a purebred or a mutt?
  • What is best, a puppy or an adult?
  • Learn how to housebreak your puppy
  • What is obedience training and how to implement it.
  • Many dogs are overweight.  Learn the proper diet for your dog.
  • How to spot allergies in your pet.
  • When to vaccinate your pet and what vaccinations he needs.
  • . . .and much, much more!



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